Tuition Policy

Distance tuition is the same regardless of residency status. 
Tuition does not include books or other required course supplies. Distance tuition is reviewed annually. Approved rates are effective for the start of the fall semester each year.

Please Note: If you’re admitted/enrolled as a distance student, you will be charged distance rates according to your program. If you are an on-campus student taking a distance class, you will be assessed on-campus tuition and fees. For questions regarding on-campus tuition and fees, please contact the Cashier's Office at 573-341-4195 or

Military Rate Policy

S&T’s graduate military distance tuition rate applies to all active military service members and the following individuals that have funds in a qualified military educational tuition assistance benefit program:

Graduate Military Rate Eligibility:

  • Spouses of active-duty military service members utilizing qualified transferred educational benefits
  • Dependents of active-duty military service members utilizing qualified transferred educational benefits
  • Members of the Selected Reserves
  • Members of National Guard units
  • Veterans utilizing qualified military educational tuition assistance benefits
  • Spouses of Veterans utilizing qualified transferred educational benefits
  • Dependents of Veterans utilizing qualified transferred educational benefits
  • Distance students utilizing VA educational assistance in a non-degree category
  • Distance undergrad students utilizing VA educational assistance enrolled in a distance class

Once admitted into a graduate certificate or degree program at the S&T military rate, students will retain the S&T military rate until certificate or degree completion, regardless if military educational tuition assistance benefits exhaust. 

Please note – if you are enrolling in the Engineer Captains Career Course (ECCC), master's degrees are only available in following areas: 

For questions regarding ECCC, contact: 

Michelle Emerson

Fort Leonard Wood Program

email  (573) 341-4410

Add/Drop Policy for Distance Students

Electronic ADD and DROP Available

Signatures are no longer required for adding and dropping courses at Missouri S&T.

Refund Deadline

Fall 2021 Refund Deadlines:
100% refund for dropped courses via Joe'SS: Sumday, August 29 
50% refund for Fall 2021: Monday, September 20
25% refund for Fall 2021: Monday, October 18

  1. Contact Instructor for approval and to obtain a permission number (Permission numbers available the first day of classes)

  2. Log into Joe'SS and add the class to your schedule. (Classes can only be added during the first two weeks of the semester)

Distance students need to email or call 573-341-6591 for any of the following issues:

  • registration holds
  • advising holds
  • first-time college
  • exceeding permissible hours
  • time conflict

Log into Joe’SS to drop the desired course. (Make sure you check the drop deadlines and refund periods).

Once the semester starts, you can no longer drop all your classes through Joe'SS. Please see 'Withdraw from the semester/program' below for directions on dropping all courses for the semester or withdrawing from your program.

If you need to drop a class and add a new section, make sure to get all your section changes done during the first week of classes to take advantage of the 100% refund. 

If you are only enrolled in one class or if you plan on dropping your program, please follow these steps:

DISTANCE STUDENTS: 1) Email your instructor(s) and advisor and request approval to drop the course(s). Please provide a brief reason for the drop, for our records. 2) Send your approvals to and we will take care of your paperwork.

CAMPUS STUDENTS:  You will need to fill out a withdrawal form from the Registrar’s Office and obtain signatures.  Email approvals will not be accepted. For questions, contact the Registrar’s Office at 573-341-4181. 

Distance Classes Refund Policy

Each time you add a new course, you will be charged for the full cost of the course. This cost will be the same before the last day to add classes as it would be if you added the course before the semester begins.

If you drop a class, the amount you will be reassessed changes depending on when during the semester you drop. The reassessment dates are:

  • 100% refund through First week of classes
  • 50% refund weeks 2-4
  • 25% refund weeks 5-8
  • No refund applied weeks 9-16

Starting with the Spring 2020 semester, distance education dates and deadlines will be the same as main campus. For more details, go to Dates and Deadlines.

Have a Question?

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