Summer Certificate Courses by Department

Summer Semester — June 7 - July 30, 2021

Geoanalytics and Geointelligence Graduate Certificate

Geological Hazards Graduate Certificate

  • GEO ENG 6441 Geotechnical Construction Practice (LEC 3.0)
    Advanced level lecture topics on procedures used for site characterization, standards for earthquake grading and construction, including embankments, building pads, retention structures, roads, levees, and earthen dams. Specific emphasis on preparation of documents involved in such work and engineer's responsibilities.

Statistics Graduate Certificate

  • STAT 5260 Statistical Data Analysis Using SAS (LEC 2.0 and LAB 1.0)
    This course will introduce the student to selected data analytic tools implemented in the Statistical Analysis System (SAS) and appropriate and effective use of these tools. Focus would be on both the use of SAS data analytic tools and the theoretical and methodological rationale that form the basis of such analyses. Prerequisite: One of Stat 3113 or 3115 or 3117 or 5643; and one of Stat 5346 or 5353 or 6841 or 6343 or 6344 or 6545.

Computational Intelligence Graduate Certificate

  • SYS ENG 5212 Introduction to Neural Networks and Applications (LEC 3.0)The course provides an introduction to basic neural network architectures and their applications. Students learn to construct neural networks and train them to solve engineering problems, specifically pattern recognition and function approximation. Mathematical analysis of network architectures, training algorithms and practical applications of neural nets. Prerequisites: Graduate Standing. (Co-listed with Elec Eng 5370).

Systems Engineering Graduate Certificate

  • SYS ENG 6103 Systems Life Cycle Costing (LEC 3.0)
    Methods of economic evaluation for engineering projects involving complex systems. Economic impacts on choosing system alternatives, life cycle costing, economic decisions involving risk and uncertainty, and engineering cost estimation for projects in government, defense, and commercial industries. Prerequisites: Graduate Standing.