Our distance programs are the same courses as those taught on campus. Most courses are live streamed, so you can attend and interact directly with your professor and fellow classmates, or view materials at a later time to fit your schedule. 

Requirements for live class participation vary by instructor. 


An instructor teaching from a distance classroom equipped with green screen and live video and audio recording devices.

Fully Equipped Digital Classrooms

Many of the distance classrooms at S&T are fully equipped with live video and audio recording systems, green screens and projection systems. These classrooms enable instructors to teach and interact with you even when you aren't physically in the classroom.

Because S&T uses various delivery methods for its distance courses, not all classes will utilize the same technology. 

A student working remotely from a laptop while relaxing on a couch.

Login to Class Anywhere

Convenience is key if you are a working professional looking to advance your education. If you're traveling or can't be present for traditional classes, enrolling in our distance program is the right choice. Login and interact with your classes anywhere with an internet connection.

Some instructors require live class participation. Check with instructor before enrolling in class.

Students communicating with instructor remotely via their PCs in a live, fully online class.

Real-Time Classroom Interactions

Whether you are attending class fully online or via a distance classroom, you will have the opportunity to interact with the class in real-time, just like a real student. Ask your instructor questions, discuss topics with other students and gain all the experience you would as an on-campus student.

Arranged or asynchronous courses may not have real-time classroom interaction. Check with instructor before enrolling in class. 

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