Summer Medallion Course Listing

Medallion courses for summer are still being added to the class schedule.  

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

ArchE 5850: Residential Renewable Energy Systems (LEC 3.0)

Applications of renewable energy systems for residential use will be covered, including system selection and sizing. Economic and life cycle analysis will be used to evaluate solar, geothermal and wind power systems.

CIV ENG 5001: In-Situ Soil Mechanics (LEC 3.0)

This course will cover in detail the tools and methods of in-situ soil testing, as well as the interpretations of the test results. It will offer students an increased knowledge base of modern testing methods outside of conventional lab settings. Students will learn to:

  • Conduct specific measurements of soil attributes
  • Develop project site soilprofiling and characteristics
  • Monitor construction suchas soil densificationThis course supplements the existing courses in geotechnical engineering and gives additional and innovative perspectives on in-situ soil testing.

Geological Engineering

GEO ENG 6146: Advanced Remote Sensing and Image Processing (LEC 3.0)

Quantitative methods of utilizing remote sensing technology for terrain analysis. Digital image processing of landsat and/or aircraft scanner data for mineral resource studies and geological engineering applications. Prerequisite: Geo Eng 5146. (Co-listed with Geology 6341).

This course is part of the Geoanalytics and Geointelligence graduate certificate program. 

Psychological Science

PSYCH 5602 Organizational Development (LEC 3.0)

Examination of the field of organizational development theories and interventions. An emphasis is placed on research methods and application of practices related to individual processes, group processes, and organizational structures and functions that impact change and development strategies and interventions. Prerequisite: Psych 4602 or graduate standing.